Father's Day Dinner: Beef Tenderloin Steak and Smashed Potatoes

Father's Day Dinner: Beef Tenderloin Steak and Smashed Potatoes


Happy Father's Day to every dad, granddad, and father figure out there, thank you for all you do! I'm so fortunate to have such a caring dad, who tells awful old man jokes, always tries to steer me in the right direction and isn't afraid to tell me when I'm not making a great decision, and still tries to spoil me by sneaking cash or change onto my desk or into my purse. DSC_0154

My dad has also been actively avoiding getting into pictures since birth, so it was a big deal when my sister managed to get this blurry picture this afternoon.

Seeing as it's Father's Day, it is the only day a year, besides his birthday, that my dad gets to eat junk food all day long. And he relishes in the bacon and eggs breakfast, BLT lunch, meat and potatoes dinner and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert. My dad never met a steak he didn't like, and has no idea what or who a vegan is. He is a true, old-fashioned, meat and potatoes type of guy, and though my mom, sister and I force feed him leafy greens and brown rice, he is entitled to his expensive steak twice a year.


My mom went to the butcher and bought a $40 beef tenderloin. Definitely a little pricey. We cut off four good-sized steaks, and there was about half a tenderloin left, which can then be used in another meal as a roast. We seasoned the meat with sea salt on both sides and cooked it in a very hot cast-iron pan with a lot of butter. Once they were cooked, we let them rest for about 15 minutes.


For the smashed potatoes, wash which ever kind of potatoes you choose, then place them in an oven safe dish. Make sure to poke a couple of holes on the tops of them with a knife or they may explode. Cook the potatoes about halfway in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven.


Take the potatoes out, squish them down until they are flat like a pancake and add oil, salt and a little chili powder or smoked paprika. Then finish the potatoes off in the oven.


Then, using the leftover fat from the steaks, my mom cooks mushrooms, fresh spinach from the garden, in a little bit of red wine and cream. This is by no means a light meal. My mom likes to use this as a gravy for the steaks.


And just to pretend we were healthy, we had some string beans on the side. I haven't eaten a meal this heavy in years, and writing this a couple of hours after dinner I still feel like I just ate. But oh man, it was delicious.


What did everyone make for their dads this year? Is meat and potatoes still a crowd favourite?

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